HR in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Businesses wanting to remain competitive in today’s economy need to look at ways to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) for HR processes. AI enables businesses to be more efficient and effective and therefore at the top of their game. For this reason, DecodeHR works with clients to develop their HR tech strategy and augment human capital solutions with AI. 

In January, DecodeHR participated in the IBM Solutions Expo, which was an opportunity to share how leveraging intelligent digital platforms and using AI will change the way we work. Utilising AI will be key to achieving business success, which is why DecodeHR is pleased to partner with IBM to offer these solutions: IBM Watson Talent Frameworks, a cloud-based skills management solution, IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments, a performance management solution, and IBM Watson Career Coach, a talent development solution.   

If you want to get started on your HR technology transformation, then you must begin to look at ways to incorporate AI for HR processes. The critical first steps you need to take before you embark on this exciting journey are: 

  1. Develop an agile and realistic HR digital transformation roadmap.

  2. Seek to understand how AI-powered tools and smart technology can transform the way you attract, compensate, develop and retain talent.

  3. Make smarter buying decisions when it comes to HR technology.

It is also important to look at what the barriers are for adopting AI technologies, and take into consideration when developing your roadmap. Examples of possible barriers include:

  1. Financial barriers

  2. Shortage of properly educated or skilled people

  3. Challenge of maintaining AI systems

  4. Issue of HR data privacy

  5. Difficulty with integration, i.e. not enough data is available

  6. Lack of demonstrable application

To learn more on the impact of AI technology on HR and workforce planning, as well as insights and best practices from leading professionals in the field, join DecodeHR at the annual HRD HR Tech Summit #HRTechSummit on April 4th, 2019 at the Hilton Singapore. Our MD, Evelyn Chow is pleased to be joining a fantastic line-up of speakers at the summit. We expect stimulating panel discussions, case studies and tech talks, as well as great networking opportunities. We also look forward to reporting back to you the highlights from the event. 

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