Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute

DecodeHR partners with the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute to bring their stellar leadership and coaching programs to Singapore. The Berkeley Executive Coaching Centre is renowned for the quality of their programs and the calibre of their team. Very importantly, they share a common focus with us - building authentic leaders.

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Register your interest with us regarding our senior leadership and executive education programs and we will be glad to share more details. Seats for our programs are limited so as to optimise learning for our participants. Please join our mailing list so we can invite you for our upcoming programs. Just send Connie an e-mail at and we will be in touch.


Thought Perfect 

Thought Perfect is a Singapore based consulting and coaching firm dedicated to helping C level executives maximize their professional and personal potential. This is done through leadership consulting sustained by one-on-one coaching to enable clients to achieve clarity of thought and purpose which will lead to the desired changes in their behavior that ensures desired outcomes.

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