A Bit of Blockchain Technology 101 for me...

Attended a Blockchain Technology talk organised by #Nanyang Business School last evening. Great turnout - kudos to the awesome NBS team.

I dare say I left with a better understanding than when I entered the room. It seems the likes of IBM and EY (presenters for the evening, including MarketAlly) are getting traction with leveraging this technology but yes, as the moderator for the evening, Professor Boh Wai Fong of NBS, NTU, points out - is this a hype? And the other 'hot' question was around what the evolution of blockchain technology could look like in 5 years' time.

I think the article by TechCrunch 'What's needed to unlock the real power of blockchain and distributed apps' does a very neat job of capturing some of the current limitations of the technology, namely high latency, high cost to compute and storage limitations. These are useful perspectives to mull over. We will be exploring and sharing more about the potential of leveraging blockchain technology in business transformation and HR digitalisation.

In the meantime, NBS will be organising more talks on this topic. If this is a topic that interests you, do keep a lookout for them.

Reference Source : Tech Crunch Article

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