How to ensure a successful transformation


HRD speaks to DecodeHR  for practical tips to optimise your digital transformation journey.

Navigating the world of tech transformation can be a tricky one. There are no set definitions on what it means for employees, organisations – and especially for HR, who has been tasked to guide people through this massive shift in the way we work.

DecodeHR understands how overwhelming this task can be for leaders driving change in their organisations and shared with HRD that prepping ahead of any transformation project is a must to improve your chances of success.

Our MD, Evelyn Chow delivered a tech-talk at last month's HR Tech Summit on how AI-powered HR as the new driver of business growth can help to transform the way you attract, compensate, develop and retain talent. If you missed that, then catch her Q&A session here with HRD on how DecodeHR can help to walk you through the process of developing a HR technology strategy that is sustainable; innovative and scalable, and more importantly, one that will enable you to attain your business goals.


To help professionals make informed decisions about the ideal HR technology to meet their organisations’ needs, the HR consulting firm also recently launched, a platform where practitioners can engage in knowledge exchanges with fellow HR practitioners and HR tech companies, and find out the best way to embark on their transformation journey.